Get ready for more of this at your next Live Event

Whether you are on the client or work-side of the Live Event industry, expect to see more and more of these types of devices as a precondition of stadia beginning to reopen and sport, music and cultural events starting to accept paying customers.

The DAIMANI Journal is not endorsing or highlighting one particular version of the disinfectant tunnel over another. We are conscious that there are suddenly very many different types available on the market and would encourage you to shop around.

Here is an introductory video from the Italian company Giulio Barbieri Outdoor Solutions which has been specialising in the production of outdoor aluminium covers, such as extendable professional marquees for events, pergolas and sun shade sails, retractable tunnels, carports and charging stations for electric vehicles since 1989.

Barbieri speaks in Italian for less than 20 seconds before the narrator continues in English.

Companies producing this sort of equipment always stress that their disinfection process is intended to supplement and not replace usual coronavirus hygiene practices, such as face-masks and social distancing. The tunnels also have no impact if the person being sprayed is already carrying the coronavirus.

The American media website CNET looks at the GermFalcon, a suitably Schwarznegger-type name for a device that uses UVC light [or Ultraviolet C] as the basis for their disinfecting efforts. This was probably the light source that President Trump was trying to refer to in his rather confusing press conference last Thursday. Dimer UVC who make the GermFalcon are not using walk-through tunnels but a portable UVC device that travels down the length of an aircraft or works as an autonomous robot moving through hospitals and zapping as it goes. The application to the Live Event industry would seem obvious.

Obviously it’s not just about disinfecting those coming into the venues. It’s about the venues themselves, the surfaces, seats, and high touch-point items like handles. We looked for any relevant videos that might give a sense of how challenging disinfecting a stadium or concert hall might be but there is really very little.

One video that does address a lot of the same issues as large-scale venue-cleaning is this from Sam Chui, the well-known airline vlogger.

Last month he was invited by Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways to join them as their specialist team disinfected a Boeing 787.

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Charlie Charters is a former rugby union official and sports marketing executive turned thriller writer whose debut book Bolt Action was published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2010.
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