What is #LifeCommentary?

If you're anything like us at DAIMANI, you're having trouble filling your weekends without any sport to watch. Luckily for us, the rugby commentator Nick Heath has managed to find a way fill this void by applying his skills to every day life with hilarious results.

Here are a few that have brighten up our moods in the last couple of days:

Although Two Lonely Blokes in the Park is a far cry from any of the football matches we offer on DAIMANI, it did unfortunately remind us of all the times our football teams have been called 'utterly useless':

If you're missing motorsports then International 4x4 Pushchair Formation Final is ideal, invoking some Swedish-British rivalry:

In case you didn't make it to Cheltenham, this Dogging flat race can keep you entertained for a full 30 seconds:

In lieu of this year's Chelsea Flower Show, we present the Honey Marathon:

If you have time (not sure who doesn't these days), Nick's original #LifeCommentary #LiveCommentary started by combining live commentary with real life events:

And finally, for Spanish speakers or anyone who finds Argentine football commentary amusing, how to properly wash your hands from the 'commentator of things':

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