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Welcome to the world of DAIMANI

DAIMANI launched the first worldwide marketplace for VIP Hospitality packages, connecting official event providers with corporate and individual customers. Thanks to official partnerships with Events and Rightsholders, we are offering exclusive VIP Hospitality experiences for sports, music & cultural events. Customers can now book unforgettable moments at the touch of a button. The ‘Click & Buy’ solution is available in 7 languages, 30+ payment methods and 70+ curren­cies.

DAIMANI - your #1 destination for VIP Hospitality packages around the globe. Founded in 2018 by six experts with yearlong experience and offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, DAIMANI is a novum in the industry.


The DAIMANI Journal curates for you the best mix of helpful editorial content, including the latest news from within the industry, an overview of the most pressing and controversial issues and interviews with those who are leading the industry today. So you can stay on top of everything which might have an impact on you and the decisions you want to take.

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