DAIMANI selling-platform blasts through 400 event-barrier now available live

Like everyone in the Live Event business, the past 18 months have been a pretty miserable and harrowing experience for all of us at DAIMANI.

One of the few consolations that has kept me going has been the accumulation of extraordinary stories that I will have to tell my mid-21st Century grandchildren if they think about complaining when their solar-powered hoverboards break down.

Our live-selling DAIMANI platform was launched in October 2019 and it now appears that the first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed two months later, in early December.

Some timing, you might say!

In reality the Live Event Lockdown did not really swing into effect until February/March 2020, in the days and weeks following the 2020 Chinese New Year holidays when the extent of the problem in China became obvious.

The turning point in US sports was this incident with Covid-positive NBA player Rudy Gobert at a media event; minutes later officials cancelled the Jazz-Thunder match.

At the time of the Live Event Lockdown, DAIMANI had more than 1,200 events that were live selling, in other words where the customer could click-and-buy the official VIP Hospitality that they wanted, with a purchase agreement direct with the event rightsholder or authorised reseller.

Once the Lockdown kicked in those 1,200 events on the live-selling platform quickly dwindled away to not very much.

Now it seems to be clear that we are closer to the end of Covid-19 than the beginning and that is reflected in the volume of events that we are now showing as available to click-and-buy on DAIMANI. In addition, with the rollout of global vaccines, more and more of our key Live Event markets are coming to terms with ‘living with Covid’ and structuring access to Live Events around that reality.

Much of the resurgence in events being offered for live sale has come from the UK, specifically England, where the NHS has a special app that allows events to check the vaccination status of ticketholders.

It is with great happiness and not a little relief therefore that – as we restock our inventory - we can report passing through the 400-event barrier.

There are still many, many more events waiting in the pipeline – such as the Bundesliga and La Liga, and the entire 2021/2022 winter sports programme in continental Europe, where the exact status of the VIP Hospitality sales is subject to confirmation by public health authorities.

Just to reiterate again the main features of the DAIMANI platform [in case you’d forgotten them in the past year and a half]:

  • We sell at the same price as the event’s own website
  • We do not charge a booking fee, or recharge any credit card or payment commission
  • Your contract is direct with the event or their rightsholder
  • All of our packages are official – with a ticket guaranteed by the event itself

All of us sincerely hope that you will make DAIMANI a constant feature of your VIP Hospitality booking journey in the future.

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Charlie Charters is a former rugby union official and sports marketing executive turned thriller writer whose debut book Bolt Action was published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2010.
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