Go inside two US Open VIP suites

During last year's US Open, Kasey Caminiti from DuJour visited two sponsor suites at Arthur Ashe. Take a look at what these two luxury experiences were like.

Attending the US Open Tennis Championship is almost guaranteed to be eventful and spirited. But, we expect only the best when it comes to attending any sporting event, especially if Serena Williams will be in eyesight. One of the most coveted VIP suites at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens is one hosted by Grey Goose Vodka. The Grey Goose suite boasts the US Open’s signature cocktail, The Honey Deuce. To celebrate over a decade-long partnership with the USTA, this summer Grey Goose launched a stylish, limited-edition 2019 US Open bottle. Each 1L bottle comes with the recipe for the Honey Deuce, allowing tennis fans who are tuning into the action at home to sip on the signature cocktail and live like they’ve won the Grand Slam. Along with this Instagrammable drink, the Grey Goose Vodka suite boasts a coveted viewing area with stellar seats.

One of the biggest sponsors of the US Open is Emirates Airline, and the airline’s VIP suite this year was representative of that status. Upon entering the suite, guests are greeted by chic Emirates Airline attendants before being welcomed into the spacious lounge area, smartly decorated with Emirates red accessories (including a take-home seat cushion). The cuisine offered to VIP guests is the real selling point. The chef prepares a lavish menu that will help keep you going when the matches last long into the evening. From a lunch buffet featuring fresh burrata, salmon, steak, crab cakes, and chicken, to the sushi spread, the culinary explorer in you will be fully satisfied. Towards the end of the matches you will be treated to light bites followed by a dessert buffet to cap off your day at the US Open.

Read the full DuJour article here.

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